Best UK website platforms for small businesses

small business owner

As a small business owner, establishing your brand online is crucial for success. However, there are an overwhelming number of ways to build your website! Hopefully this article will help you clear up which of the hundreds of site builders and hosting companies could be right for you. smallpage: smallpage is a newcomer to the […]

Is my website polluting the earth?

The operation of website consumes energy- something we ought not ignore when considering environmental impacts, since this often contributes heavily towards our carbon footprints. This arises from usage of servers, data centers and networks responsible for hosting, transmitting or accessing web data which results ultimately in greenhouse gas emissions like CO2 that adversely affect climate […]

Do Instagram businesses really need websites?

Are you getting everything possible out of promoting just through Instagram as an entrepreneur? Perhaps not! There are over a billion active users on Instagram, the reach that you can gain with an account is unparalleled BUT Getting started with building an accessible website gives any company far greater impact because it allows potential consumers […]