As a small business owner, establishing your brand online is crucial for success. However, there are an overwhelming number of ways to build your website! Hopefully this article will help you clear up which of the hundreds of site builders and hosting companies could be right for you.

  1. smallpage: smallpage is a newcomer to the website creation world, but the ease of use, eco-friendly servers and variety of options for businesses means that it is becoming one of most well regarded. It offers a variety of both basic and advanced features and is the least expensive provider on this list. It offers a wonderful website builder and fantastically fast wordpress hosting for £3.95/month. The cheapest option on this list.
  2. Squarespace – Ideal for Design Oriented Businesses — Squarespace is an established website platform renowned for its impressive templates and intuitive drag and drop interface. Some people find that Squarespace stifles their creativity by providing a limited site builder but their themes are diverse and plentiful. Squarespace is undoubtedly a fantastic option if you’re looking to create visually stunning and professional looking websites.
  3. Wix – The Best Option for Beginners — Wix remains one of the easiest to use website builders globally and its drag and drop feature makes it accessible even to novices who have never built a site before. With their wide range of templates available you can create unique websites that explicitly reflect your brands’ personality. Wix also provides several features such as e-commerce functionalities, email marketing integrations alongside SEO tools that increase visibility when searching online.
  4. WordPress – Best For FREEDOM! — WordPress is an open source platform that offers unparalleled flexibility concerning customisation options even in terms of functionality or design preferences. This means that whatever you’re looking for on your site WordPress can offer it! Additionally WordPress is scalable meaning as your company grows so too can this powerful platform! Nonetheless one downside being that due to its impressive scale there can be a steeper learning curve making WordPress slightly less appropriate than other options as would be mainly intended towards expert users rather than beginners! In today’s digitized world where most businesses thrive via online sales; using Shopify is undoubtedly one sure way; tailor-made specifically for this audience! With impressive e-commerce features ranging from expert inventory management capabilities providing secure payment integrations worldwide logistics planning among others have made it easy for small businesses looking solely towards selling products quickly and efficiently attainable irrespective of their niche – rendering those who use this platform competitive within the industry.
  5. Weebly — offers affordable pricing schemes while providing topnotch features such as strong digital marketing capabilities, premium blogging services, and seamless interaction between existing e-commerce tools. These interwoven sets of attractive features put the platform high on the list of other website builders vying for a slice in today’s broadband market.

In conclusion, businesses seeking to engage in online sales should take time to evaluate each option available against specific needs as each platform varies from the other with unique selling points. It’s really important to take support times into account too, smallpage is the only host that includes around the clock technical assistance.