Are you getting everything possible out of promoting just through Instagram as an entrepreneur? Perhaps not! There are over a billion active users on Instagram, the reach that you can gain with an account is unparalleled BUT Getting started with building an accessible website gives any company far greater impact because it allows potential consumers another platform from which they learn more about what you offer than just what they find on their social media feeds alone. This means people have better opportunities knowing who they are buying from — bringing peace of mind that adds demographic loyalty to brands.

Customisable features like easy content updates further mean website owners can advertise news of new products, announce sales and share information as needed. Businesses have way more advertising options, including reaching clients directly through email campaigns or using E-commerce on their website.

Though not mandatory, creating an official site is essential and highly advantageous in today’s digital age. Developing a site provides control over gaining exposure while navigating difficult areas such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The online presence allows opportunities for tailor-made marketing that functions as both outsourced convenience providers’ & core investment in your firm’s creativity.

Having considered these pros and cons, experienced entrepreneurs say firmly that developing a website is crucial to achieving sales and customer engagement. offers fantastic plans on Wordpress & Site Builder websites, providing the foundations for Instagram businesses to grow and develop from their foundations on the social media platform.